COVID-19 Stevenage Osteopathic Clinic Policy January 2022

We will be continuing our procedures to ensure the safety of everyone and we want you to know that we are taking the following steps.

We are allowing a 15-30 minute interval between patients to allow us to aerate the rooms.   During this time the clinic will be prepared by cleaning all surfaces including the toilet area.



You will receive an email confirmation on booking with screening information and again a reminder 24 hours before your appointment.  We ask you to cancel your appointment if you have a positive lateral flow test or PCR test or/and cold like symptoms, headache, runny nose, sore throat, cough, sneezing, temperature, or/+ a loss or change in your sense of smell or taste.  Also if you have been in close contact with someone with confirmed or suspected COVID-19.

If you are in the vulnerable category or live with someone who is  we may suggest an online consultation or an opportunity to take the first appointment of the day to minimise any risk.

We would ask that you come alone if you are over the age of 16 but if you would like a chaperone you must tell us in advance so that we can screen the person 24 hours before your appointment. Nobody can enter the clinic or waiting area without a screen 24 hours beforehand.

If you are bringing your child for treatment, due to clinic size we ask that only one adult and the child patient attend.  If you are bringing your baby for treatment it would be helpful if you carry your baby in your arms/sling or in a car seat, not a pram or pushchair.  We have removed all toys from the clinic so please feel free to bring your child’s favourite toy for them.

We will ask you to wear a face mask (preferably a water resistant one) to your appointment and ensure that it covers both your nose and mouth.

What to expect at your appointment

We ask you to arrive at the arranged time – no more than 5 minutes early.

You will be asked to use the hand sanitizer on arrival.

The toilet will be available and will be thoroughly cleaned after every patient and practitioners’ use.  Disposable paper towels will be available.

Although it is impossible to keep a 2 meter distance while treating, the rest of the time in the clinic we will keep a 2 meter distance between the osteopath and the patient.  We may modify some treatment techniques for safety.

Tissues will be available in the clinic and a pedal bin.

All towels, material couch covers, blankets have been removed and the couch will be disinfected before each new patient arrives.  The pillows have plastic covers which will be disinfected before each new patient arrives.

The osteopath will be wearing a water resistant face mask, a wipe down apron, disposable gloves.  A visor may also be worn.

Fees and Payment

Adults Children under 16 years of age
 Initial consultation Senior Osteopath.                £70 (1 hour)

Initial consultation  Associate Osteopath.          £65 (1 hour)

Follow up treatment Senior Osteopath.              £55 (45 mins)

Follow up treatment Associate Osteopath.        £45 (30 mins)

Follow up treatment Associate Osteopath.         £55 (45 mins)


Initial consultation £50

Follow up treatments £48

*Fees are correct as of 31st March 2022.  The old rates will apply before this date.

There are a number of ways to pay:-

Contactless credit/debit card at the clinic


Paypal – an invoice can be emailed or sent by text and you just click the link to pay.

Credit card number over  the phone or in the clinic

Bank transfer


We operate a 24 hour cancellation policy unless you have above symptoms mentioned.