As qualified osteopaths at the Stevenage clinic, we provide treatments to help relieve pain and improve mobility in the joints, muscles and ligaments. Pain is the body’s natural defence mechanism and it alerts you to a problem. Our practitioners diagnose the cause of your pain and provide treatments that can help to reduce pain and suffering.

Osteopathy is a safe and proven therapy widely recognised by the healthcare profession.  Treatments provide manual therapy and do not involve prescriptive medication or surgery.  We use physical manipulation techniques to correct the body’s structure, ease restricted movement and re-establish normal circulation.  By doing so the body will function efficiently minimising further damage or disease.

We believe in treating the body holistically so advising you and giving you the knowledge to help speed your recovery such as providing information on dietary adjustments, occasional supplementation and exercise.  Those patients who visit our clinic regularly comment that they have a sense of well being, sleep better and feel less anxious.   If you would like to know more about what an appointment involves click here.