Maria Costello MSc (Paediatric. Ost) B. Ost. Med (Hons) ND DO
Prior to becoming an osteopath I worked as a remedial massage therapist since the early 90s and after I qualified as an osteopath in 2004 and I found myself working with babies using cranial osteopathy which inspired me to train for a masters in paediatric osteopathy at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in London.  I gained  much experience at the centre and also worked at Barnet and North Middlesex hospital in the neonatal and premature units.  I continue my studies in cranial osteopathy.

I have always loved movement in the form of dance, yoga and Qigong and the latter two inform my work with my patients.  I tend to combine my work with a variety of treatments including cranial osteopathy and viscera osteopathy and I love to work in a holistic way.   I see my role in the therapeutic setting to facilitate or encourage the health in my patients, combining treatment, exercises and information to help them return towards health.

My speciality is working with babies and patients with stress or anxiety but I treat all types of people which all types of presenting symptoms.  

I am registered with the General Osteopathic Council and am a member of the The Institute of Osteopathy.

Claire Dean
(M.Ost) graduated with a first class honours degree following the completion of her studies at Swansea University. She is a registered osteopath and is a member of the Institute of Osteopathy.

She has gained experience through her work in multiple clinics at University but also by working alongside Fall Bay RFC, a local Swansea rugby team. There she further developed her skills in patient management, education and strategies to facilitate individuals back to playing and loved every second. Not only does Claire have an interest in sporting injuries she also researched into whiplash associated neck pain following a rugby injury. Her research highlighted the prevalence of neck pain, but also its detrimental impact upon quality of life, and through personal experience found that osteopathic management can be helpful in an individual’s recovery.

Whether it be a sporting injury, acute onset of pain or chronic pain, Claire strives to focus on addressing the root cause of an individual’s pain. From there she works with her patients to find the best ways to manage the individual back to their optimal state.


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